Pros and Cons of Buying a Miniature Pinscher Puppy

When trying to decide what puppy breed to buy, one option you might come across is miniature pinschers. Known affectionately as "min pins" to those who breed them, these tiny dogs are adorable and make great pets for many families. However, no dog breed is perfect for every family dynamic. It's wise to consider the pros and cons of min pins before bringing home a puppy.

Pro: Min pins are easy to take with you

Miniature pinschers are some of the tiniest dogs you can buy. They generally weigh between 7 and 10 pounds, and that is when they're fully grown! You can easily pick them up and carry them with you. This is really helpful when they are puppies still in training. And when they get older, their small size means they can travel around with you more often, rather than being left alone at home. 

Con: Min pins are tough to housebreak

Miniature pinschers tend to be a little stubborn and slow to catch on when it comes to housebreaking. They learn best from positive reinforcement, but you do have to be really patient when housebreaking them. If you've never trained a dog before, or you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to training them properly, you may want to consider getting a different breed for your family.

Pro: Min pins don't shed much

In addition to being tiny, these dogs' tiny bodies simply don't have that much hair, and the hair they do have does not shed too readily. As long as you brush them once a week or so, you shouldn't see much hair around the house. They're not exactly hypoallergenic, so they may not be a good choice for someone with severe dog allergies, but owners with mild allergies can typically do okay around a min pin. Plus, you won't have to buy a powerful vacuum.

Con: Min pins can be vulnerable and accident-prone

Because they are tiny, their bodies are usually more delicate than larger dogs. Min pins are prone to injury if someone trips over them or accidentally steps on them. They may also become injured if they fall off furniture. You do have to be careful around these little dogs.

If you can manage to be careful around them and you don't mind dedicating the time to train them properly, min pins can make for lovely pets. Visit a min pin breeder to learn more, or to arrange to buy a puppy. Keep these tips in mind when looking for miniature pinscher puppies for sale near you.