Want A New Kitten? Why A Ragdoll Kitten Would Make A Great Choice

If you are looking to purchase a new kitten for yourself and your family, one kitten you should consider purchasing is a ragdoll. Below is information about this breed so you can determine if this would be a good fit for your family. 

Great With Kids

If you have small children, a ragdoll kitten would be the perfect pet for them. This is because ragdoll cats are loving and gentle and will not scratch or bite your kids very easily. These cats do get larger than normal cats so many people would believe they would not be as gentle, but they are. The cat will be calm, and they are also quiet most of the time. They love to cuddle, play, and sit on laps. 

Their Appearance

Ragdoll kittens come in a variety of colors so make sure you know the color of the parents before you buy your kitten if you want a certain color. Some are color points that make them dark around their eyes, limbs, tail, stomach, and ears. You will also find bicolor ragdoll kittens which often have lighter colored paws. Tortie ragdoll kittens are a mixture of cream and red and other colors. The most common colors are cream, blue, gray, red, and white. Their eyes are usually blue but not all the time. 

Their Temperament 

Ragdoll cats are generally quiet, and you will only hear them make noise when they need something, such as food, water, or simply need attention. They may make sweet, small meows if they do need something. You will also hear them purr loudly when you are holding them if they are happy. Ragdoll cats are not like normal cats when it comes to jumping high on things. Instead, they like to be close to the floor, but they will still jump up on your sofa or bed to be with you. 

Care for Ragdoll Cats

The main care your ragdoll needs is to be brushed once a day. This will help prevent their coat from knotting because they do have long hair. When you notice their hair looking greasy you will need to give them a bath. They do much of the care their self, however when it comes to keeping their coat clean. Starting by brushing your ragdoll kitten once a day when they are young will make things much easier as they grow much bigger. 

Talk with a ragdoll breeder to learn much more about these cute, adorable kittens.