What You Should Know About Silver Labs

If you are interested in getting a new dog, you might be shocked at just how many breeds and varieties of dogs are available today. Various purebred and designer dogs are available to choose from, including silver labs. If you have never heard of silver labs before, you are not alone. However, you should get to know some of the benefits of having a silver lab in your life. Then, you can start looking at silver lab puppies for sale as soon as possible. 

Silver Labs Are Genetically Rare

The silvery-blue color of a silver lab's coat is actually a rare and recently discovered variation to Labrador retrievers. It is a rare color because it comes from the combination of two recessive genes. 

As such, if you choose to add a silver lab to your family, you will be getting a dog that is a rarity and a true treasure. You can practically guarantee that nobody will have a dog that looks like yours in your neighborhood, which can be a major draw towards getting one. 

Silver Labs Are Loving

Just like labs in other color variations, silver labs are extremely loving dogs. While large in size and stature, they are among the sweetest family dogs. They are great with children as well. So, if you have little ones running around, choosing a silver lab would be a great option for you. 

Silver Labs Are Intelligent

Silver labs are also highly intelligent dogs. They are people pleasers (because of their loving nature). This means they are easier to train than many other dog breeds as well. If you need a dog that is quick and easy to train or you are training a dog for the first time, silver labs will fit the bill. They are quick studies and can follow commands very well. 

Silver Labs Are Energetic

If you have a high energy family or want to get more active, a silver lab could be a great addition to the household. Silver lab puppies, in particular, are full of spunk and energy and will keep you moving and active for hours on end. 

As adults, silver labs calm down a bit but still need a good amount of exercise and activity to keep them happy and entertained. You can guarantee that you will be going on long walks with your lab at least once a day if you want to keep them happy. 

Now that you know some of the important facts about silver labs, you can get out there and look at silver lab puppies to add to your family as soon as possible.