Fun Facts Every Bernedoodle Pet Lover Should Know

Are you considering purchasing a Bernedoodle puppy? Will it be the first you've ever owned? If so, there are at least a few fun facts you should know about the breed. In fact, some of the most important facts are those that only a true Bernedoodle fan would know.

They Are Not "One-Size-Fits-All"

Do you prefer a large, cuddly dog that is willing to be your loyal companion, or do you prefer a cute, furry lap dog that you can snuggle on the daily? No matter your choice, you can get both from the Bernedoodle.

Keep in mind that poodles often range from small to large, and Bernese Mountain Dogs are often on the larger end. For that reason, you might expect the Bernedoodle to be a rather large dog. However, they vary in size about as much as a poodle.

Therefore, when your purchase a Bernedoodle, it may stay as small as 10 pounds or it may grow to weigh as much as 90 pounds. It is hard to know for sure, so be prepared for either outcome when you purchase your puppy.

Ideal Companion or Therapy Dog

The Bernedoodle is a highly intelligent dog, which makes them relatively easy to train, though they can be somewhat stubborn. Because of their intelligence combined with their loyalty and affection toward family, they often make good companion or therapy dogs.

Training a Bernedoodle to become a therapy dog is something many people prefer to do. Even with a slightly stubborn nature, the Bernedoodle prefers to please its owner, which help you overcome the dog's stubbornness.

Lots of Fun, But Not Overly Energetic

The Bernedoodle has an average level of energy, which means it is not likely to bounce off the walls. However, it is a breed of dog that is particularly playful. That means you should exercise your dog regularly to help keep energy levels at a minimum.

Dogs that like to play and get excited tend to get bored if they are not exercised at least a few times a week. If your Bernedoodle were to become bored, he or she would likely turn toward destructive behaviors, such as chewing furniture.

Make sure you talk to a reputable expert, such as a qualified Bernedoodle breeder near you, to find out more information. A breeder can help answer your questions and put your mind at ease so you know you are making the right pet purchase decision for you and your family.