Taking Care Of Your Elderly Cat: Pet Services To Consider

When you have a cat that has gotten up there in years, you may start to be more concerned with their health and well-being than you were when they were young. This is understandable and can be tricky to navigate. You might not, after all, be sure of what you can and should do for your elderly cat that is different than what you did when they were younger. Get to know some pet services to consider when your cat is elderly. These services can help your elderly cat feel better and remain healthier. 

Pet Grooming Services

As cats get older, they have a tougher time keeping up with their grooming routine. This can be due to joint stiffness, arthritis, or a lack of energy. Whatever the cause of the issue, getting your cat groomed regularly can help immensely. 

Oftentimes, older cats develop mats in their fur in areas they can no longer reach to groom. These mats can actually cause skin lesions and infections if not dealt with right away. Getting your cat groomed can help remove those mats or even prevent them from developing. 

If your elderly cat is long-haired, you may want to consider getting their fur cut (a lion cut is often the most popular). These haircuts will prevent unwanted knots and tangles in their fur and keep their coat looking nice and healthy. 

Pet Dental Services

Another pet service to consider for your elderly cat is dental services. It is important to at least have your elderly cat's teeth examined and checked regularly. It is very easy for older cats to have dental problems like rotting teeth and gingivitis. 

If your cat is in good enough health, getting their teeth cleaned by a veterinarian or a veterinary dentist is also a good idea. However, be sure to have blood work done on your cat first to make sure they are capable of going under anesthesia safely. 

A dental cleaning may also involve tooth extractions in your cat if they have bad teeth that cannot be saved simply by cleaning them. If your cat has to have many of their teeth removed, be sure to switch them to a soft cat food (if they have been eating dry food) so that they can still get the nutrition they need. 

Now that you know a few pet services to consider for your elderly cat, you can schedule their appointments and get them the care they need. Get pet services near you at clinics like Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic.