Dogs And Apartments: 4 Qualities To Look For

If you want to get a dog, but you live in an apartment, you have to be extra careful about the type of dog you get. While each individual dog has its own personality (for lack of a better term), breeds often have general qualities that make the individual dog more or less likely to act a certain way.

Apartment life often requires a lot of adjustments compared to life in a house, and certain breeds are better suited to the smaller space and different noise and neighbor requirements. Before you run out to get a dog, look at which breeds might be appropriate for you and your living space.

Friendliness Toward Other Animals

If you're in an apartment building, chances are your neighbors have pets, especially cats and dogs. You really need to find a dog breed that is more cat/dog-friendly because the last thing you want is your pup tearing away and running after the neighbor's cat. Many breeds are friendly toward other animals, especially if you introduce the animals correctly. 

Shedding and Barking

Your neighbors are not going to appreciate a dog that barks all the time, and your landlord won't want a dog that sheds everywhere, because that fur isn't that easy to pick up day after day. Look for breeds that are moderate to low shedders and that tend not to vocalize that much. 

Daily Activity Needs

If you live in an apartment, you need to find a park or dog run nearby so that the dog can actually scamper about and play; there just isn't enough room in an apartment for the dog to get the exercise it needs. But even if you live right next to the best dog park ever, you still need to be aware of the dog's energy level and activity needs. A very active dog breed might not do well in a space where you can't just let it into a yard so it can run around. Because you'll have to be with the dog in the park or run, you need a breed that has moderate to low activity needs. Look for a breed with moderate activity needs, like cockapoos. Other breeds may meet these requirements, but cockapoos are compact dogs that tend to do well in these smaller settings. Consider finding some cockapoo puppies for sale.

Get to know some of the dogs near you, and you may end up with a friend for life, no matter how many apartments you live in.